Self-Proclaimed 'Messiah' Rev. Sun Myung Moon Dies at 92

Founding his religion in Seoul, Korea in 1954, after the Korean War ended, Moon claimed that Jesus Christ personally appeared to him and instructed him to complete his unfinished work. Moon, through his own personal interpretation of the Bible which orthodox Christians rejected, forged an eclectic religious system built upon a "Divine Principle" through which he sought to unify all religions.

Spending time incarcerated in both Korean and U.S. prisons, He was accused of brainwashing and fleecing money from his worldwide faithful by some detractors.

Moon died at a church-owned hospital near his home in Gapyeong County, northeast of Seoul, two weeks after being hospitalized with pneumonia. Moon's wife and children were at his side. The church will hold a 13-day mourning period. The funeral will be held on Sept. 15, and Moon will be buried at nearby Cheonseung Mountain, where his home is located, according to an official statement from the church.

Nigeria’s Shortest Woman — Now Observing NYSC

In a society where special human beings are stigmatised, Evelyn Ochepe fought her way through to the top level of educational hierarchy (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education).

Evelyn Ochepe is one of the special humans one would not have expected to attain the level of education she now has.

Now a graduate and serving her fatherland through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Abuja, Evelyn is truly a lesson to some whole-bodied men and women roaming about the streets begging.

It would have been a tough battle for Evelyn getting to her present educational qualification. Competing with tall friends, receiving abuses because of her height, etc must have been frustrating but in all, she survived them.

What a huge lesson to learn from Evelyn from able-bodied humans wasting their talents. If Evelyn can do it, nothing should stop them from achieving more.


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